Beer & Wine Specials


Our aim is to provide great value for our customers.


Each month we have the Hoges' Heroes specials in our bars. Click the image to see the current specials :

Thirsty Camel Specials

As a member of the Thirsty Camel goup we can offer great specials on a range of Beers, Wines and Spirits. These specials change fortnightly so there is always something to please your palate. To check on the latest range of specials click the image below and type in the postcode 5680 in the box. Please note : our prices will be $2/Ctn more than those shown on the Thirsty Camel website and $1 more for 10 Packs.

Thirsty Camel

Thirsty Camel also offers Camel Card points on every purchase in our bottleshop. Every time you purchase and present your card you earn points according to the value of the products purchased. These points can be redeemed on future purchases thereby saving you even more.

Camel Cards are free - if you haven't got one just ask at the bottleshop.

In addition to the regular points system that Camel Card holders enjoy, every month there are a range of specials only available to card holders. These specials accrue bonus points at a greater rate than the standard products. Often you can earn 500 points ($5) with a single purchase. These points are available to use on your next purchase. To see the latest card specials click on the Thirsty Camel image and type in our postcode 5680 in the box.